• (50% OFF LAST DAY!) A Convertible Wireless Mechanical Keyboard
  • (50% OFF LAST DAY!) A Convertible Wireless Mechanical Keyboard
  • (50% OFF LAST DAY!) A Convertible Wireless Mechanical Keyboard
  • (50% OFF LAST DAY!) A Convertible Wireless Mechanical Keyboard
  • (50% OFF LAST DAY!) A Convertible Wireless Mechanical Keyboard
  • (50% OFF LAST DAY!) A Convertible Wireless Mechanical Keyboard
  • (50% OFF LAST DAY!) A Convertible Wireless Mechanical Keyboard
  • (50% OFF LAST DAY!) A Convertible Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

(50% OFF LAST DAY!) A Convertible Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

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    Magic thumb keys remappable to any keys | Cherry/Gateron switches | Unlimited RGB backlights | 100% PBT Dye Sub Keycaps | Bluetooth 5.1

    The 64-to-66-key design is our proprietary technology which brings unlimited key remappings right to your thumbs. The magic keypad contains two extra magic thumb keys that can be set to any key or key combinations to align with your most fastidious typing habits.  

    The keyboard is equipped with various Cherry MX RGB and Gateron Mechanical and Optical switches, 100% PBT dye sub keycaps, certified Bluetooth 5.1, intelligent drive to set up infinite customary backlights, macros and remapping on 3 layers. The keyboard provides maximum functionality while letting you type in an ultimately comfortable and convenient manner.

    As a group of savvy keyboard manufacturers and sellers, we have instilled years of research and innovation into this premium mechanical keyboard that suits the needs of literally every type of user. Whether you are a gamer, a typist, a designer or a programmer, whether you are into a linear, clicky, tactile, audible or silent feedback, or whether you want it to be wired or wireless, The keyboard has got you covered.

    The keyboard 64/66 key is a 60% compact mechanical keyboard with a patented 64-to-66-key layout (with arrow keys).

    A bonus of the keyboard 64/66 KEY is that its spacebar module can be easily removed and replaced by an upgraded module which consists of a shorter spacebar and two magic keys. The magic keys can be remapped to any key or key combinations as you wish; and any key (except Fn) can be assigned as the magic key. Switching between default and remapped keys is swift and easy by long pressing the spacebar after settings. This is a game changer for programmers, designers and gamers who are heavy users of certain keys, for instance, Fn, Ctrl, Alt and Shift.

    Consider the convenience of having all your most used keys accessible with your thumbs, rather than fumbling your way with your pinky fingers. This will greatly decrease unnecessary hand movements, relieve finger cramps and stresses and bring your comfortability and productivity to a higher level.

    The drive enables you to arbitrarily remap keys and assign macros or commands to specific key combinations on 3 individual layers, with each layer dedicated to a specific application, such as typing, gaming, coding, web surfing, working, studying, etc. 

    Simply press the Fn + W, E, R keys to cycle through the layers and the corresponding key will light up to indicate the current layer. 

    The drive also provides 22 preset and limitless customary RGB lighting modes for you to choose 5 from to configure on your keyboard, allowing you to enjoy its illumination while dominating other players online or composing an email. 

    Free from any constraint in customizing your own lighting, more than the simple color and breathing effects, you can edit the zones and status frame by frame to literally accomplish numerous lighting modes. 

    The Keyboard employs audio visualization technique which means external sound stimuli sparks an assortment of lighting effects. It helps to keep you at a state of excitement by providing a treat to your eyes when typing.  

    There are two options of the keyboard: the enhanced 64-to-66-key( 64/66 KEY)and the fundamental 61-key version(61 KEY). They share the features and functions except for the following distinctions:

    The keyboard 61-key boasts simple and minimal design and dazzling backlight effects. It is a fully customizable mechanical keyboard for it is compatible with almost all the key switches and keycaps in the market. You can take pleasure in the process of DIY your very own the keyboard anytime, anywhere you want by replacing the hot-swappable switches and keycaps hassle-free.

    The keyboard gives you the freedom to select your preferred switch style based on the functionality and typing experience that you are looking for.  The switches are hot-swappable that save you the time and effort when you want a quick try-out of some new switches.

    We offer Gateron Optical/Mechanical switches and Cherry MX RGB Mechanical switches in four main colors - Red, Black, Blue and Brown. 

    The keyboard Gateron switches are also available in other rare colors at an extra cost of $10. Gateron switches in the following rare colors with ultra fast actuation and high sensitivity, especially suitable for gaming which requires swift operations.

    These switches are of the highest durability, offering a lifespan of over 80 million keystrokes, and are engineered with N-key rollover (NKRO) to register as many keys as you can press at once without missing out characters, safe from key ghosting and key jamming. 

    The keyboard 64/66 KEY Gateron Optical switch is superior in connectivity and responsiveness, which can push the boundaries of the speed and precision to meet the needs of different gamers. And it is waterproof.

    Instead of using ABS or 85% PBT keycaps generally used in other mechanical keyboards, The keyboard 64/66 key features 100% PBT dye sub, DSA profile keycaps whose legends are built to last and will never wear out over time. 

    They are heavier in weight, higher in strength, hardness and rigidity, which gives them an extraordinary feel and great tactility, providing you with the best typing experience possible. 

    Keycaps are gently curved for an unbeatable finger touch feeling, slightly elevated from the backplate when seen from the side and each key is individually backlit for added ambiance. 

    Collapsible 8.5° rubber feet offer the most comfortable typing experience and legend visibility.    

    The keyboard works perfectly with macOS, Windows, iOS and Android operating systems. With a simple slide of a button on the side on KEMOVE, you can readily switch between various operating systems.

    The keyboard stands out of the crowd by using the Certified Bluetooth 5.1 technology to guarantee stable connections in 10 meters with up to 3 devices simultaneously for multitasking on a clutter-free desk.

    For users who prefer a wired connection, the keyboard also has a widely used USB Type-C. With the cable, The keyboard delivers a responsive signal with no latency to your device at the highest frequency of 1000Hz polling rate, making it your most essential gaming accessory.

    The keycaps are meticulously positioned only 0.8mm to the borders on all sides, giving it a more compact and futuristic look and feel than others. 

    The keyboard is impeccably built to stay put when you are locked into an intense MOBA battles, Battle Royale matches or hammering out an essay.

    The The keyboard 64/66 key comes with a free protective sleeve. The best mechanical keyboard deserves the optimal protection. 

    The keyboard is free of dust, scratches and pressure when carried on the go in its portable protective sleeve made from a much firmer and more elegant material than that of others.

     The KEMOVE 61 key does NOT come with the portable sleeve. Please pledge EXTRA $10 for it if you would like to include it in your perk.

    Add extra $10 to upgrade your main color Gateron switches into rare color.

    The keyboard took us nearly a year from the birth of its concept to the debugging and optimization. Both hardware and software are high end; each production phase is manually checked; each ID color is meticulously selected.  

    The process is challenging, however, for us, it is our goal to pursue the ultimate and to create a more convenient mechanical keyboard for you. So we finally created this keyboard with "freely replaceable structure" that maximizes the convenience of your life and work.